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  • Gain qualified traffic and new customers
  • Widen your reach through social networks
  • Create buzz about your site and products

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Create buzz about your store.

Social networking and microblogging sites like Facebook and Twitter are popular ways to spread the world about a product you like or are about to purchase. AddThis offers a social networking bookmarking button that allows users to share your item pages and other content with the masses on dozens of social media websites.

Users simply click on a AddThis button and select which site they'd like to share the content on. Depending on what site they've selected, they can also personalize a message. Having the AddThis button makes it easy for users to spread the word and generate more interest in your site, products, and services.

Solid Cactus will install AddThis on the Client Website. AddThis is a third party product that provides a social media networking bookmarks button for use on a website. AddThis is provided by and is not a Solid Cactus product. AddThis is not designed or developed by Solid Cactus in any way and therefore, aside from the above referenced installation, Solid Cactus does not offer any support for AddThis and is not responsible whatsoever for the operation or performance of AddThis.

Client will deliver to Solid Cactus the code provided to them by Solid Cactus will then install the code for one licensed use of AddThis on the Website. Solid Cactus is not responsible for altering any such code in providing the above referenced installation service.

The Solid Cactus installation of AddThis is available on NS Commerce Space, 1SC Stores,, Solid Cactus eCommerce and Yahoo!