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Advanced Search

Solid Cactus Advanced Search's power-packed features:
  • Auto-Suggest dynamically suggests top-ranking items as user types
  • Item image displayed in search results
  • Narrows search to display specific criteria (e.i., price range, size) and number of results within each
  • Sort results by price and relevancy, with dynamic paging
  • Built-in spell checker ("Did you Mean?") finds misspellings and variations
  • "More Like This" cross-sell
  • Advanced tracking and reporting will help you monitor search terms

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More than 50% of online shoppers will use site search to look for items on your store.

The new Advanced Search from Solid Cactus is smart, robust, and will give your customers - and your bottom line better results.

Solid Cactus' Advanced Search helps your users drill down to find exactly what they are looking for, which enhances the user experience and increases conversions. A built-in tracking and reporting tool shows what people are looking for, as well as search terms that yielded no results. This valuable information can help make sure your product descriptions and keywords are on par, as well as assist with your marketing efforts. Another report of interest is search terms with no results, which can help you expand your product line or change your product titles so the items do appear.

The Solid Cactus Advanced Search feature is a search tool that allows the client customers to search the Client Website for a product and refine their search to find a matching product. Once the search form is submitted the search results appear on a separate page in a paginated format.

A store side component of this Advanced Search is an Auto Suggest feature. When a customer begins entering their search words the Auto Suggest popin window appears below the search field revealing items it suggests based on the characters entered. Additional functionality that is part of the search feature is the Multi-faceted Search which appears in the left navigation area of the search results page. This allows the customer to fine tune their search by price range, category, brand and other predefined fields. A More Like This? link appears within each result that links to a pop-in window containing up to four items that have common words in the product description as the actual result item. If a customer searches for a product but misspells what they are looking for a Spell Check function will attempt to match the misspelling to an actual word indexed in the search.

The Solid Cactus Advanced Search utilizes the Client Website catalog.xml and objinfo.xml files to build the search index which is updated routinely. Client stores must be the Yahoo! Merchant Solutions version to utilize this Advanced Search feature as it is not compatible with Legacy Stores.

This is a license for use on one store, additional stores will require an additional user license. License is for a finished product and not for the source code used to arrive at that finished product.

---Monthly License and Support fees apply---
Client must supply Solid Cactus with an approximate number of skus expected per month.
$80 = up to 5k skus
$99 = 5k-10k skus
$125 = 10k-25k skus
$149 = 25k-50k skus
Custom = over 50k skus