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Checkout Page Design and Programming

  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Establish trust while reinforcing your brand
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve functionality

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Attracting a visitor to your store is step one. Step two involves them liking your items and adding them to their cart. But the most important step that is yet to come is the checkout.

An eCommerce site's branding should be fluid throughout the entire site, including the checkout. Lack of trust is the number one reason someone will abandon your cart and since the checkout is the last thing shoppers see before ultimately deciding to complete the purchase, it's an area that cannot be ignored.

On Yahoo! Stores, customers are taken to Yahoo!'s secure server upon checkout; therefore, the branding and design of your store does not carry through. The answer is Solid Cactus' Checkout Page Design and Programming, where our experts make recommendations regarding design, conversion improvement, and functionality adjustments to optimize your checkout process. Watch your conversions soar!

Solid Cactus will design and program a new Checkout page on the Client Website. Solid Cactus will design and program the header and footer area of the Cart Page, the Shipping and Billing Page, and the order Confirmation page on the Website. Solid Cactus will make reasonable efforts to keep branding of the new Checkout Page consistent with the Client Website.

Solid Cactus will not be responsible for altering default functionality within the Cart and Checkout process unless expressly provided in this Agreement. Additionally, functionality of the Single Page checkout is not included with this service, whereby Solid Cactus will design and program the Checkout process under the multiple page checkout option unless otherwise expressly provided for in this Agreement.

Client will receive one (1) design concept, and two (2) revisions per concept thereafter. Client may purchase additional concepts and revisions. A new concept will entail an entirely different look to the related page, while a revision involves minor formatting changes to the page.