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Click to Enlarge

With Click to Enlarge you will:
  • Keep customers on the item page
  • Increase conversions
  • Reduce returns
  • Custom styling options to meet your tastes

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Give detailed views, different angles, or alternative color choices.

Having quality product images is vital in eCommerce, but how those quality images are displayed makes a difference. Click to Enlarge v4.0 from Solid Cactus provides a close-up view of your products through a slick pop-in window that grays out the rest of the site, putting all the attention on the item. Online shoppers can't physically touch, feel, and hold an item, but by paring quality product images with this multi-view feature the buying decision is made easier.

With Click to Enlarge from Solid Cactus, users never leave your item page. Instead they simply click out of the enlarged view and back to the product page.

By including additional views you can enhance your merchandising strategy and increase conversions. On the item page, users can hover over the thumbnails for a dynamic preview. With its attractive display and ability to show multiple images, Click to Enlarge can also reduce the number of returns because shoppers will know exactly what to expect when the item arrives.

Solid Cactus Click to Enlarge v4.0 can be styled to match your individual tastes: you can control variables to choose a black or white background or square or rounded corners.

Click to Enlarge provides the ability to show an enlarged version of the thumbnail image shown on the item page of the Client Website. This feature also allows Client to add multiple supplementary images and provide a brief description of each. Once Client has populated the image fields and published the thumbnails of the supplementary images, they will be shown below the main product image as smaller tiled thumbnails.

When a Client customer clicks on a thumbnail, a pop-in window will be opened in the center of the available browser space allowing the customer to view the enlarged image and insets without any additional scrolling. Thumbnails of all images will be shown below the main image on the pop-in display for easy browsing.

If supplementary images are included, customers can scroll over the alternative images and the alternative image will replace the main image on the item page. Once the customer removes their mouse from scrolling over the alternative view, the original main image will appear. This functionality can be turned on or off by Client.