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Combo Shopper

  • Build value with attractive bundle pricing
  • Make cross-selling and upselling automatic
  • Add multiple items with one click
  • Increase average order size
  • Promote overstock or low-selling items in a unique way

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Looking to increase order size? Finally blow out those overstock products? Bundle accessories with larger products? With Combo Shopper for Yahoo! Stores, you can do all three and more.

Offer a discount to customers on additional items when they buy several together. Combo Shopper will display the item images and regular price of the bundled products, but to make the deal seem even sweeter to customers, the feature really emphasizes the savings by crossing off the regular price and highlighting the total bundle price and the amount saved.

The Solid Cactus Combo Shopper feature presents Client items on the item page on the Client Website to allow the customer of the Client can order multiple items at once and get a discount. Combo Shopper utilizes the Yahoo! Cross Sell Manager to enforce discounts at the cart level. Client will set up their discounts via the Cross Sell Manager then enter the items and discounts, in US dollars or percentage in variables on the main item page that will feature the Combo Shopper. These variables will create the appearance on the main item page of the Client Website including the amount saved if all the items are bought together, the total list price and the total sale price. This feature will only work with the Yahoo! Standard and Professional package purchased by Solid Cactus. Yahoo! Starter package does not include the Cross Sell Manager.