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Docking Bar

  • Provide quick access to special deals
  • Improve navigation with recently viewed items
  • Promote social sharing
  • Enhance branding
  • Give customers choice to view or hide

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Make your footer an interactive information center with Docking Bar. The attractive Yahoo! Store feature houses several customer-friendly tools within an expandable/collapsible bar. Most notably, you users can access their recently viewed items or view an alert message, which can expand into a larger, linkable ad or message.

The Docking Bar also allows for an image to enhance your branding, a mailing list sign-up form, social media sharing buttons and, to make your website attractive to a wider audience, a translation tool for up to eight languages.

Providing answers and information quickly and easily improves the customer experience. Docking Bar allows you to do that and more in an unobtrusive manner. You can easily manage the modules and their options from your Store Editor.

The Solid Cactus Dock Bar - Full feature allows Client to have a small informational bar across the bottom of the Client Web page that can hold a number of features. Known working features include a logo area, Site Translation - Google API, newsletter signup form, Recently Viewed Products, social media links and a special deal message. Other features can be considered for the Doc Bar Full but Solid Cactus will have to implement and test.

Each feature area on the Doc Bar Full feature are variables on the Variables page where Client can enter HTML, links and images. The logo area is an HTML area where Client can add logo or image to the Dock Bar Full feature. The Site Translation feature uses Google's Translate API to give its translation of the plain text on the Client Webpage. All text is not guaranteed to be translated and text in images will not be translated. Due to word sizes after a translation the Client Website layout structure can vary from original. Client can specify the language they would like to include in the translation feature and the recommended number of languages is up to eight (8).

The newsletter signup form area is an HTML area where Client can enter the form HTML. The standard Yahoo! newsletter form is installed by default. The social media links area is an HTML area that can be populated with certain social media icons and links or the Add This buttons to reveal more social media options. The special deal message area consists of a text variable for a short message and an HTML area that will popup when a user clicks on the short message. The popup areas variable can utilize HTML, links or images. This feature will only work with stores using the STRICT DOCTYPE which is standard with V3 stores. V2 stores will not render this feature properly due to their DOCTYPE. Recently Viewed Products is not included but can be purchased separately. Design may be necessary if client would like a more custom look.