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Dynamic Cascading Menu

Dynamic Cascading Menu will:
  • Improve your customers shopping experience
  • Make items easier to find
  • Improve look and feel of your shell design
  • Require less manual maintenance for you

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Customers find what they need, when they need it.

Dynamic Cascading Menu from Solid Cactus gets your users to the item pages quicker by providing a virtual map to your online store.

This navigation feature organizes your sections and subsections to make for faster, easier browsing. Visitors simply hover over a category on your menu and the deeper-level menu flies out. This feature allows you to bring to light sections and subsections that would otherwise be hidden and require multiple clicks to reach. When those extra clicks are eliminated, shoppers can get to the pages, and products, they want sooner.

A better-organized navigation menu also contributes to a cleaner looking eCommerce website. The Dynamic Cascading Menu is versatile and works well on left or top navigation.

The Dynamic Cascading Menu feature will organize the sub-sections of the Client Website into dynamic fly-out menus. When a link in the top or left side navigation bar on the Website is hovered over, a fly-out menu will appear either under the top navigation bar or next to the left navigation bar displaying the sub-sections within the related Section. The sub-sections listed within the menus will be generated dynamically.