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Dynamic Paging

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Make browsing easier.

Having a large product selection is a great thing. However, when section pages become heavily populated, users have to scroll endlessly through a sea of items and sometimes drag down the load time for the page to a snail’s pace. This makes it difficult to find products and could easily leave customers feeling frustrated and ready to leave.

Dynamic paging from Solid Cactus allows you to break down your section pages into multiple pages, keeping your products above the fold and easier to browse. Users can simply hit “next” or click through the numbered pages to scan through the product line. With this Yahoo! Store navigation feature, users can browse even smarter by narrowing the results down by applying various filters such as name, price, size, color, manufacturer, etc.

The Solid Cactus Dynamic Paging feature dynamically divides section pages of the client's website into multiple pages, and has a sorting feature that allows customers of the website to sort and order products by cost or name or by order set by the client.

The Dynamic Paging display on the website shows the number of Dynamic Paging pages within the section and highlights the page the customer is currently on. Dynamic Paging 3.0 does not display on subsection pages. Page reload is not required when navigating through Dynamic Paging pages on the website or changing the sort option. New functionality, released for version 3.0 is dynamic filtering based on three fields which the client chooses, so that a shopper may filter the results to only a certain size, a certain color, for example or a mixture of both, depending on client needs. These fields may include: name, price, manufacturer, or any field type that contains
a textual or numerical value.

Dynamic Paging includes up to 3 filters which can be displayed as either radio buttons, checkboxes, or selections.
Dynamic Paging will be implemented for one type of section page only unless otherwise noted, and all section pages can either use their existing layout without Dynamic Paging or the layout with Dynamic Paging. The Dynamic Paging template has a pre-defined design that will be modified by Solid Cactus to match the color scheme of the website. Custom sorting criteria can also be implemented for an additional fee.

This is a license for use of the feature on one website, and use of the feature on additional websites will require additional user licenses. This license is for a finished product and not for the source code used to arrive at that finished product.

Dynamic Paging 3.0 integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics Installation 4.5, Star Product Reviews, Snap Shop 2.0, and Product Comparison 1.0.
Dynamic Paging 3.0 is not compatible with the Section Page Multiple Add to Cart feature.