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Expanding Left Navigation

Expanding Left Navigation will:
  • Organize your left navigation
  • Make your items easier to find
  • Improve shopping experience
  • Enhance look and feel of your shell

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Expand your navigation potential.

Expanding Left Navigation makes shopping so clear, your customers will swear they were following a treasure map straight to the product they were looking to buy.

With Expanding Left Navigation, top-level categories are continually displayed in the left navigation. When a category is clicked the subsection expands to show all sub-categories. Not what the shopper was looking for? When he or she clicks on another category, the first subsection collapses while the new subcategories expand. This makes for a clutter free shopping experience since only one subsection is shown at once.

Expanding Left Navigation works similarly to Dynamic Cascading Menu in that it better organizes the left navigation and gets users to the section pages they want faster.

Clicking a link in the left navigation bar will either expand the navigation bar below that link to show the sub-sections within it or load that section page and expand the navigation bar. It is the choice of the Client as to which is implemented.

The list of sub-sections listed below the section link will be generated dynamically based on the information hierarchy Client has defined within the Website.

Client needs to specify if they would like the Section Page to load when clicked and have the navigation bar expanded once within the Section, or instead expand on the current page and not load a new page until a Subsection link is clicked. If using the version of expanding navigation that allows a customer to skip to a sub-section page rather than going to the section page first, products should not be listed on the section level and only within sub-sections.