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Facebook Store

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Become a Leader in Social Commerce with Facebook Stores

  • Custom Facebook Store page is dynamically populated using your existing store’s eCommerce platform.
  • Manage your store directly from your primary store's eCommerce platform with simple category assignment.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Updates each time you publish your store.

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Turn your fans into customers with the new Facebook Stores from Solid Cactus. Capture orders directly from your Facebook page, no more directing people back to your store. It’s fast, easy and convenient for busy social shoppers.

With over 800 million users, Facebook is certainly a marketing channel you can’t afford to ignore. You may be doing social media marketing now, but what if you could use this outlet to sell your products as well?

Fans love to interact with their favorite brands on Facebook. Why not make it easy for them to purchase the very products you’re sharing with them on your current Facebook page?

** This feature may not work with any 3rd party customizations or features. **

Platform Availability: Yahoo! Version 2 & 3 Editors, Solid Cactus eCommerce, and 1ShoppingCart.

Solid Cactus will create a custom Facebook Store page for the client which will be populated dynamically using the existing store's eCommerce platform.

Management of a Facebook Page specific Category can be maintained directly through the primary store's eCommerce platform using simple category assignment inherent in the platform.

Solid Cactus will install scripts on your primary store's eCommerce platform to render a version of product and section pages into the Facebook Page environment.

Solid Cactus will create a mockup using best practices from the existing primary eCommerce store and present it to the client. Solid Cactus will also implement the client’s current logo and header elements (phone number, message, etc) when space allows. Design that is included consists of a mockup and 2 minor revisions of the homepage. Elements from the homepage will be taken throughout the rest of the site.

By default, elements on the homepage include a static banner image, featured categories, featured items and welcome text. Elements on the section page include an image pulled from your current store’s section, text, and contents layout. Elements on the item page include a product image, product information table, an add to cart button and a product description.

The Checkout Process, relevant product and section pages can be completely integrated within the Facebook Store page, or linked back to the client's primary website due to customizations the client may have.

** This feature may not work with any 3rd party customizations or features. **

Platform Availability:

1. Solid Cactus Stores
2. Yahoo! Version 2 & 3 Editors.