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FAQ Page

Interactive FAQ Page will:
  • Provide better customer service
  • Organize your customer service content
  • Lessen the number of customer inquiries
  • Build customer confidence

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Answers in one click.

Customers will always have questions and as an eCommerce store owner, you need to have answers. Solid Cactus makes it easy for shoppers at your Yahoo! Store to find the information they are looking for with our Interactive FAQ Page feature.

With the FAQ page, you can create an information-rich customer service page without endless clutter. First, only questions are shown, making it easy for customers to navigate. When a customer clicks on a question, then an answer will dynamically expand out. When another question is selected, the first will collapse while the new answer expands. Customers can just pay attention to the information they need without scrolling through unnecessary information. Customers can also choose to expand all answers if they wish.

Solid Cactus will provide a field on the Client Website for adding text in the form of questions and answers. The information will appear on the Website as links. When a customer clicks on a question, the related answer will dynamically open on the Website. A customer also has an option to expand all of the questions and answers at one time.