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  • Place your logo next to your URL
  • Helps customers find your website in their list of bookmarks
  • Increase brand recognition

Call 1-888-361-9814 option 3 to order. $150.00

or Call Us at 1-888-361-9814 to Talk to an eCommerce Professional

What do you see when you look at your URL? If there is still a Yahoo! logo next to your address, replace it with your own FavIcon. Let Solid Cactus’ award-winning designers create a branded FavIcon for your store. Even with multiple tabs open and a long list of bookmarks, customers recognize FavIcons as easily identifiable and effective branding tools.

Solid Cactus will design and program a Fav Icon that will display on the Client Website as a 16x16 pixel square icon in the URL to the left of the domain address. The Fav Icon can be dragged into the browser window toolbar by a customer to bookmark the Client Website. Results may vary based on browser compatibility.