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Fly Out Assistant

With Fly Out Assistant for Yahoo! Store you can:
  • Provide help quickly and easily
  • Reduce customer service phone calls and emails
  • Build customer confidence

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Offering helpful on-site assistant!

What are your frequently asked questions? Do you have need-to-know shipping or store information? Give your customers access to that information instantly with Fly Out Assistant from Solid Cactus.

This expanding and retracting tab, labeled "Quick Info", appears on the right-hand side of your Yahoo! Store. As users scroll down your pages, the tab will follow, making it always easy to access. When customers click this tab, a window will slide out revealing pertinent information, such as a special message, contact information, shipping policy, an FAQ, or even video.

This feature is easy to set up and edit, too with open HTML fields that give you versatility with what information you'd like to feature. Fly Out Assistant is perfect for important announcements and holiday ship times, too.

Fly Out Assistant is a JavaScript based feature that enables Client to give their customers easier access to information on the Client Website. The feature is viewable on all pages of the Client Website where the Website shell is utilized and once the feature is installed a small tab will appear on the right side of those pages. As a customer of Client scrolls through the content of a page on the Website, the Fly Out Assistant will scroll as well. When the small tab is clicked a window will slide out from the right side of the page with sub-tabs contained within. The separate sub-tabs expand and contract when they are clicked. Each sub-tab can contain such information as contact information, a welcome message, video or other special messages. This information is to be entered by Client on the variables page of the Client Website Yahoo! Store Editor. If Client wishes to format the information in a tab in a particular way, Client will need to use HTML and CSS to style it as desired, however Solid Cactus will not be responsible for any issues caused with the display of the Website due to this type of formatting on the part of Client.

Additionally, through the variables page on the Website editor, Client will be able to control whether the Fly Out Assistant scrolls and whether the small tab appears inside the pages with the Website content or outside of the Website shell. This feature also includes an On/Off variable in the Website editor that will allow Client to turn feature on and off.