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Holiday Countdown

With Holiday Countdown you can:
  • Create urgency and build value
  • Draw attention to timely promotions and offers throughout the year
  • Keep the homepage fresh year
  • Includes a holiday countdown banner!

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4- 3- 2- 1, catch this sale before it's done!

Build excitement and create urgency by adding Solid Cactus' Holiday Countdown to your eCommerce store. Set the clock on a special sale, a free shipping offer, or other time-sensitive promotion. This feature provides a countdown to a shopping season in hours, days, minutes, and even seconds. Located prominently in the shell of your store, the countdown will appear throughout the duration of a visitor's shopping experience, enticing them to make a purchase now, before the sale is over.

And, this feature isn't just for Christmas: you can activate it throughout the year. Change the graphic and promotional message for other occasions like 'back to school,' Halloween, Mother's Day, or a even a general sale. Get creative and get customers to buy... now.

Solid Cactus will install a pre-designed holiday countdown banner and customized message on Client Website. The message can be altered within the specific styling of the banner. If the message exceeds the default styling, additional charges will be required to customize the banner to allow the desired message to fit. Client will also be able to upload an image into the banner, provided the image meets certain size and formatting requirements. A winter holiday image is provided as the default holiday image. If Client requests additional images from Solid Cactus, an additional fee will apply for each new image.