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Key Product Icons

  • Draw attention to specific items
  • Promote new arrivals
  • Keep site fresh
  • Add to branding with unique design element

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These small icons can make a big difference.

Key Product Icons from Solid Cactus provide a unique way to draw attention to products on your homepage, section pages, and item pages.

Sale items, new items, or items with another special distinction stand out from the rest of your inventory with eye-catching tags designed to match your store's branding. The possibilities for using Key Product Icons are endless. We've seen stores use them for new items, customizable products, items qualifying for free shipping, sale items, customer favorites, products "Made in USA," organic items, close-outs, "As Seen on TV," and more.

Key Product Icons also keep your store fresh as you can continually change the way you are merchandising and promoting your hot sales and new products as they come in.

Key products icons can be shown anywhere products are displayed within the store. Up to 3 icons can be designed for different messages (new, sale, etc)

If JavaScript modifications are required, a custom quote must be provided.

If Solid Cactus Dynamic Paging is installed, Key Product Icons will display beneath the product image. A custom quote may be provided if an alternate location is desired.