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Talk to an eCommerce Professional - 1-888-361-9814

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  • Live help for your customers
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Minimize service costs

Call 1-888-361-9814 option 3 to order. $329.00

or Call Us at 1-888-361-9814 to Talk to an eCommerce Professional

Provide instantaneous customer interaction with Solid Cactus and LivePerson. More than 5,000 small & midsize business customers utilize LivePerson’s award-winning live chat and contact center solutions to improve online sales, deliver live help and manage interactions across all channels: chat, voice, email, and self-service/knowledgebase. Implementing a live feature helps increase conversion rates, minimize service costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Once Client has signed up with a chat application they will provide Client with a script to enable the chat function. This script will be installed into the Client website along with an icon that will activate the chat window once clicked.

NOTE: There is a recurring monthly fee for the use of LivePerson on your website.