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Mega Dropdown

With Mega Drop Down:
  • Improve navigation and functionality
  • Organize the pages of your store without adding clicks
  • Improve look and feel of your shell design

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Perfect for stores with lots of products … we mean LOTS of products.

Are your products easy to find? Do your users have to click multiple times to drill down to the page they are looking for? If your products are hard to find, you risk visitors becoming frustrated and worse, leaving your store. If your Yahoo! Store has many sections with multiple subsections, Mega Drop Down offers you an organized solution to help your visitors get to the pages they are looking for in less clicks.

As with our traditional Dynamic Cascading Menu, with Mega Drop Down users active a fly-out menu featuring subsections and sections by mousing over your navigation. But, in addition with this feature you can show top-tier sections and their corresponding subsections (and even sub-sub sections) all in one window, allowing users to find exactly what they need in no time. And rather than one long column, you can customize the amount and width of columns, as well as add an icon image and abstract text for each section.

The Mega Drop Down Menu feature acts as a cascading horizontal navigation tool on the Client Website. When a customer visits the Website and hovers their mouse over a section on the left navigation menu, this will prompt a detailed fly-out menu for the customer to click through to related pages on the Website. This way, the pages usually buried beneath sub-sections come to the surface and are more accessible. This feature uses functionality similar to a cascading navigation tool, but with this feature Client can display images for each section or even add text via the abstract field. Customers can now view deeper than the initial item page and view the levels of sub-sections or even sub-sub-sections in the fly-out menu. Client can specify the amount of columns, spacing, and column width of the menus, as well as the use of images and icons within the feature. The feature can also act as a normal cascading navigation if the number of columns is set to one.

This is a license for use on one website; use of the feature on additional websites will require additional user licenses. Also, please note that this license is for the finished product and not for the underlying source code used to arrive at the finished product.