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Multiple Add-to-Cart

  • Increase order size
  • Allow customers to easily find and add more to their cart
  • Merchandise your products in new way
  • Use in item or section pages

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Imagine the ease of adding multiple items to your cart with just one click. Give this convenience to your customers with Multiple Add-to-Cart from Solid Cactus. This feature allows a customer to purchase the main item and any coordinating items or accessories with the click of one add-to-cart button. Coordinating items are smack dab in the forefront, suggesting add-ons your customer may not have initially thought of purchasing.

Multiple Add-to-Cart improves the shopping experience by eliminating the need to search for accessories, and more importantly increases your order size by prompting customers to buy more with one click.

On the item page, items that can be purchased in addition to the main item will be displayed along with checkboxes and pricing. Selected items will be added to the cart along with the main item once the order button is clicked.