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Product Caption Tagger

  • Gain qualified traffic
  • Illuminate your products on SERPs
  • Optimize the internal content of your site

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We've got an easy way to guide search engine spiders through your website. Product Caption Tagger, brought to you exclusively through Solid Cactus gives you a simple way to provide search engines with anchor text (text based links) in your product and section page descriptions, as well as your homepage message area. Search engines rank anchor text higher than most other content on your site. Product Caption Tagger allows you to specify single words that should be linked to a specific page, in one easy step. Specify the term most relevant to your site and a page it should direct your customers, and product caption tagger does the rest, combing through every product description on your site, and creating a hyperlink using that text.

When search engines crawl your site, they can use this data to determine just how important that keyword is in your site, and rank your site higher for those keywords. Putting you on the path to higher search engine rankings and increased revenue, the Product Caption Tagger is an efficient way to drive traffic to your store.

Product Caption Tagger works to optimize the anchor text on the Client Website to help visitors and search engine spiders more easily find their way through pages on the Client Website and more quickly find items searched for.