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Product Scroller

With Product Scroller, you can:
  • Draw attention to your products
  • Promote more products with less space
  • Provide a quick, convenient way of browsing
  • Create a memorable shopping experience
  • Add innovation to your homepage

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Quick, convenient, and fun way to showcase products.

Solid Cactus' Product Scroller allows you to minimize clutter and keep your featured products above the fold by displaying products in a unique way.

Rather than take up valuable real estate with several rows of items, your shoppers can instead use arrows to scroll one product at a time through your featured items from one row.

Product Scroller creates a memorable shopping experience and provides a quick and convenient way to browse. Product Scroller is similar to the regular homepage featured items in that it shows price and sale price and by clicking on any product will open the item page. The feature's interactive form is attention getting and lets you feature more products, while using less space.

You can use Product Scroller to highlight featured items, sale items, and more.

The Solid Cactus Product Scroller feature will be placed on the Homepage or Item Page of the Client Website, and will allow Client to display a large number of products in a single row within the feature. The products will scroll from side to side from right to left within the feature. The feature is to be populated by a contents field located in the Website editor. This feature includes a variable allowing Client to turn feature on and off.

This is a license for use of the feature on one website, and use of the feature on additional websites will require additional user licenses. This license is for a finished product and not for the source code used to arrive at that finished product.