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Randomly Displayed Testimonials

Randomly Displayed Testimonials can:
  • Keep your page fresh
  • Display positive feedback
  • Instill customer confidence
  • Help support the buying decision

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Flaunt your feedback.

Showcasing glowing reviews of customer experiences with your store is an excellent way to build consumer confidence. Randomly Displayed Testimonials from Solid Cactus gives you a way to dynamically display all of your testimonials, one at a time, within a designated area on your eCommerce website.

Whether a shopper is on the homepage, section page or item page, the testimonials remain present. Built into the shell of your website, testimonials build trust every step of the browsing experience. Our Randomly Displayed Testimonials feature randomly alternates between testimonials you have loaded into a testimonials page. Customers can also click to view all testimonials, as well as submit their own.

The Solid Cactus Randomly Displayed Testimonials allows Client to display testimonials from its customers on a designated area of the Client Website. A new testimonial will be displayed within the designated area on the Client Website every few seconds. Client can determine rotation speed. This feature will pull testimonials dynamically from a testimonials page on the Client Website. A link is placed at the bottom of the testimonials box allowing customers to click to read all testimonials and submit their own testimonial. Client must approve a testimonial before it will be posted to the Client Website. If a user mouses over testimonial, the testimonial will hold in place.This feature includes and On/Off variable allowing Client to turn feature off.

Client acknowledges that this is a license for use on one Website, and the use of the feature on any additional Websites will require additional user licenses. Client further acknowledges that this license is for the finished product of the feature and not for the source code used to arrive at the finished product.