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Recently Viewed Items

Recently Viewed Items can:
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve customers' shopping experience
  • Allow customers to compare items
  • Provide additional method of navigation

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Help indecisive customers browse with ease.

Enhance your customers' browsing experience with Recently Viewed Items. This feature dynamically displays up to the three products a customer last viewed at the bottom of your item pages within an area titled "Recently Viewed Items" styled to match your store. This leaves customers feel to browse in confidence knowing they can easily return to items they've already looked at.

Recently Viewed Items from Solid Cactus helps in the decision-making process as customers can browse from page to page and see products they were already considering (perfect for that indecisive shopper!) This aids browsing navigation, with just one click customers can return to earlier products to compare. Best of all, a Recently Viewed Items feature can increase conversions, research shows if you give customers a choice, they are more likely to buy.

As a customer views items on an Item Page of the Client Website an area at the bottom of the Item Page will display the last three items viewed by the customer and will update as additional items are viewed. The Recently Viewed Item field at the bottom of the Item Page will display three items by default.