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Scratch and Save

  • Engage site visitors
  • Assimilate with email marketing and social media
  • Increase conversions and order size
  • Full control over discounts and usage
*Note: This feature requires hosting from either a third party, or can be provided by Solid Cactus.

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Think of how excited you get when first taking a coin to a lottery ticket, waiting to see if you’ve hit it big. Imagine giving your customers that feeling when they shop your Yahoo! Store.

Scratch and Save is an interactive coupon styled to match your store, placed prominently on your item page. Shoppers click and drag a dime across the virtual surface, revealing a random coupon code which can be used upon checkout for extra savings.

Generate some buzz and promote your "mystery discount" with email marketing or social media campaigns. Scratch and Save increases conversion rates and provides customers a one of a kind shopping experience.

The Solid Cactus Scratch and Save feature is a Flash based application that is installed on Clients item page. With this feature a user will be able to obtain a randomly chosen coupon code by scratching off an area within the Flash. Client has the ability to turn the Scratch and Save feature off and on via a yes/no variable on your Client's Variables page. Client can also choose the number of hours that the coupon will be available to the user once they scratch it off. The user will see the coupon they scratched off until the time limit is met even after deleting cookies and temporary internet files. The coupon codes will need to be created in the Yahoo! coupon manager and then entered into an XML file that is stored in Clients web hosting. Client also have the ability to add a short (approx. 30 character) message that explains the coupon code.

Note: This feature requires hosting from either a third party, or can be provided by Solid Cactus.