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Sequence Banners

Sequence Banners from your Yahoo! Store will:
  • Keep homepage fresh
  • Increase conversions
  • Captivate site visitors
  • Promote featured products or special offers

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Homepage getting a little stale?

Solid Cactus' Sequence Banners for Yahoo! Store are the windows into your store. With every transition, a new image appears allowing you to keep things fresh and exciting all the time. Liven up the user experience by adding movement to your homepage, and most importantly call attention to special sales, promotions, or key areas of your store.

Use Sequence banners to promote holiday sales, timely promotions, shipping offers, or create evergreen banners, to highlight featured brands or a value proposition. You'll have full control over the transition speed of the banners, and your shoppers can play, pause, or rotate through them, too.

This enhanced, JavaScript-based banner gives freedom and flexibility with open HTML areas where store owners can easily create, edit, and manage slides, including the opportunity for video.

Sequence Banners are prominently featured on your homepage in the perfect size to fit your store. And, since we include the custom design of two banners, the feature is ready to go as soon as its implemented.

Solid Cactus will create and install the Sequence Banner feature module on a single page on the Client Website as selected by Client. This module will display up to five (5) graphic banners, one at a time. This package includes up to two (2) banner designs. Additional banners may be purchased upon request.

The module offers navigation between each banner via easily accessible numeric navigation buttons in the lower right hand corner of the module. Upon mouseover the rotation of the banners will pause and a pause icon will display.

Video can also be used within the banner area as well as text that is HTML compatible.

Client will supply text content for the two banners prior to any work being done. These banners are static and will not include any dynamic animation or interaction beyond the ability to navigate to pages by clicking the banner. Client may update their existing banners or add new banners by modifying the HTML coding. Client acknowledges in the event of an error in the modifying of the HTML code, Solid Cactus is not liable to support any features impacted by improper modification by Client of the HTML code.