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Tabbed Information Display

Key befits of Tabbed Information for your Yahoo! store key are:
  • Clean up the clutter on your item page and homepage
  • Provide more information to support buying decision
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Incorporate other Yahoo! Store features within tabs
  • Organize product details and vital information

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More details. More organized.

Plentiful product details, compelling content and product details are all a must. But long informal pages may hide big selling points and pertinent information. If your item pages require scrolling, Tabbed Information Display from Solid Cactus is the answer to a highly organized item page or home page.

On the item page, you can select a default open tab, for example the basic item description, and visitors can then click on additional tabs for more information such as directions, ingredients, care instructions, warranty information, sizing chart, or videos. You can also put downloadable specs, product reviews, or sell corresponding accessories within a tab.

On the homepage, Tabbed Information Display can be utilized to save space by containing information, videos, or you can featured multiple products.

Tabbed Information Display is styled to match your store and intuitively know to not display a tab if you forget to populate it in between sales, for example.

On the Item Page of the Client Website, Item level information can be shown within tabs on the Item Page, and only shown when clicked by a customer. The information for the tabs is to be entered into related fields in the Website editor. If a related field in the Website editor is empty, the associated the tab will not be displayed.

Custom features within the tabs, such as Product Reviews or Multiple Add to Cart, are not included with this feature and will incur additional fees.