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Yahoo! SEO Package

Package includes:
  • 404 Page (customized with a store search
  • Dynamically Generated Title and META Tags
  • Related Items
  • Multi-Breadcrumbs

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Organic Search Engine visibility isn't easy to attain, even for trained veterans. Help race your store to the top of the search engine results with the SEO package for Yahoo! Stores. Exclusively from Solid Cactus this package brings you world class tools to completely automate the process of providing major search engines with all the information they need in order to index and catalog the entire content of your site. This works by using information you enter for your products, and placing them into a format the search engines designate. No merchant interaction required!

Power Users:
We haven't forgotten you! We also provide a simple way to override what the store generates automatically, so you can tweak your information to get even better results over time.

The Yahoo! Store Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package includes the following:

---404 Page---
When a page on the Client Website that does not exist is requested by a customer, a 404 page will be loaded rather than redirecting the customer to the Homepage of the Website. This 404 page will contain a search box accompanied by a message stating that the requested webpage no longer exists and to search for a similar item. Client has the ability to modify this message.

The shell of the Client Website will wrap around the 404 page so the customer can navigate to other pages on the Website, as well as use the search function provided within the body of the 404 page. The design of the 404 page is dictated by a pre-designed template for the body of the 404 page and additional design or programming work on the part of Solid Cactus for this 404 page will be available to Client for an additional fee.

--Categorized Site Map---
The Website Site map will be categorized dynamically based on parent/child relationship of the Section and items.

---Dynamically Generated META Tags---
In the case Client has not manually created the META keywords and descriptions for the various pages of the Client Website, Solid Cactus will provide this feature, which will dynamically generate them.

---Dynamically Generated Title Tags---
If page titles on the Client Website are not being manually created by Client, this feature will use the related page names and create page titles dynamically from those page names.

---Related Items---
At the bottom of an Item Page text links are to be displayed containing items within the same parent section as the current item.

Multi-breadcrumbs are text links that represent the path leading from the current page visited by a customer on the Client Website to the Homepage of the Website. Multiple Breadcrumbs will show multiple parent categories as well as the first category the item was created in regardless of whether an alternative path was taken or not.