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Yahoo Site Search Integration

  • Integrates with your existing theme
  • Improved search experience

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Yahoo! Stores just released the new Site Search beta, but now what? How do you start using this feature? Who is going to implement it on your eCommerce site? What can you do to make it match the look and feel of your website design?

For one low fee Solid Cactus' trained programmers will integrate this popular search feature into your eCommerce store. Customers will be able to narrow down what they are looking to purchase faster, and ultimately get them to the checkout so you can capture the sale. An advanced search tool is essential to an eCommerce store because customers need to find what they are looking for quickly, and without hassle, which is exactly what Yahoo Advanced Search does.

Solid Cactus will integrate Advanced Search into your store and including the header, left navigation and footer of the website We will match existing colors and design elements of your site.. Customers won't have to look at a plain, white page – they'll see your site’s theme and design giving them peace of mind when shopping.

Solid Cactus will integrate the Yahoo! advanced search product into the clients web site. This will include the header, left navigation, and footer of the web site. Solid Cactus will also color match existing site elements inside of the search control panel.

*** This is currently a beta product from Yahoo!. Solid Cactus is not responsible for any changes that may occur by Yahoo! after installation is complete ***